Friday, August 21, 2009

Tea Time Book...
Hi.. hope everyone had a good week.. mine
was very busy.. I didn't get a chance to do any
cards and probably won't until all of the house
hunting and moving is done.. Sooo, I wanted to
share a "Tea Time" book I made a while ago to keep
receipts, ideas, coupons etc. in..
I used 5 x 7 top loading envelopes, I used 5 and the
front and back are cardboard. I cut off the top,
then covered front and back of each envelope
with patterened paper I made
and A LOT of clip art...
The binding is an accordian fold strip and the
envelopes are glued between each fold.
(does that make sence)
I love black toile, I hope to use a little in my new house ( a little goes a long way ! )
You can't see the saying on this very well but it says..
"There is no trouble so great or grave that
cannot be deminished with a cup of tea..."
This one says...
"Remember the tea is always
up to it's neck in hot water, yet it still sings"
I put a black cardstock binding on with ribbon to
keep it closed.. I really enjoy making books, I have
made quite a few for friends and my grandkids.
I hope one day they will enjoy them.. Well,
hope you all have a great weekend, I probably
won't be here for a few days, but you never know..
it's hard for me to stop creating and doing what I love to
do so I could be back tomorrow.. (big grin:)
Check out my friend Pat's blog .. she has a lot of
new and used CTMH stamp sets for sale (blog address
on left under inspiration) check it out..
enjoy the rest of your day... Jen

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