Thursday, December 24, 2009

I hope all of you have a Very Merry Christmas !!!
And God Bless Us Everyone ....

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Miss Sophia... I just had to share this picture...Sophie went to the "Beauty Shop" today and this is how cute she looks.. (and she knew it too !!! ) the groomer put these cute little curly bows in her hair :) It's amazing how much pleasure pets can bring to your life.. She's my constant companion !!
Scratch a Dog and you'll find
a permanent job !
Franklin P. Jones

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Boxes ! Hi everyone... well, I have been working on these cute Christmas boxes off and on for a couple of weeks now & they are finally finished ! I made one for me and one for my friend Pat.. she made me a beautiful knitted shawl ( it's cold enough for me to wear it now! Woo Hoo ! ) so I wanted to do something for her. These turned out very pretty, lot's of big chunky glitter,a little silver sparkle and a big crystal on the front.. I painted the boxes white and added some Basic Grey paper..
I used my silver metallic pen to add some accents and a strip of metal I found in my stash..
The flower is made out of crepe paper & of course I added some ribbon, beads & snowflakes..
Just enough bling... not too much !! I also added some ball feet to make it a little taller. ( wish I could do that to myself :) Enjoy the rest of your day and see you tomorrow..Jen
He who has not Christmas in his heart
Will never find it under a tree...
Roy L. Smith

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mojo Monday 116 Man... it's cold here,47 degrees right now..I know... some of you have snow and its freezing, but this is cold for Southern California .. Burrrrr ! Anyway, here is my take on the Mojo Monday card. Not my favorite but it will have to do since I have so many to make. I think I will get an assembly line going tomorrow so I can get a lot done.
I also want to make some of the candles I saw on Heidi Swapp's blog. They are really cute, check them out.. Have a great night.. Jen
Christmas is the season when you buy this
year's gifts with next year's money !
Author Unknown

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mojo 115 Wow... it feels so good to be crafting again (big smile) I made this Mojo Monday card today, and started my 25 day's of Christmas book. Pat, Cheryl and I did one last year and is was so much fun Pat and I decided to do one again this year.. and... I started decorating the house. I am having fun putting all of my decorations up in the new house. It is smaller so I am giving a lot of my stuff to my daughter-n-law ! I will post some pic's when I'm finished... Wish you could see the stickles, I used a ton ! This card just sparkles... Enjoy the rest of your week...Jen
Blessed is the season which engages
the whole world in a conspiracy of love...
Hamilton Wright Mabie

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving.. It's getting there.. my scrap room is almost done. Just when I think I'm finished, I find another box full.. and I am finally getting some Christmas card's made so hopefully I can show you those in the next couple of day's. I took these pictures very fast so I could get them on here, they are sort of blurry.. will take some better one's soon..
I hope all of you have a very Happy Thanksgiving.. and remember all of the things you are thankful for.. Jen
Thanksgiving dinner's take eighteen hours to prepare.
They are consumed in twelve minutes.
Half-times take twelve minutes.
This in not a coincidence..
Erma Bobeck

Sunday, November 15, 2009

BATS !!!!! Hi everyone... so good to be in my new house, what a major job that was !! I do not intend to do that again ! Anyway, my husband was changing the light bulb in the porch light and he thought there was a dead mouse up in the socket but this is what was in there... a BAT !! YUCK !! I ran and got my camera took a picture and RAN back in the house.... OMG.. they are awful little things !!! I found out from the neighbors there are a lot of them around here, but they won't hurt you as long as you don't hurt them, sure !! As you can see he killed it with a screw driver, so now they are all going to be after us... Here is a picture of my scrap room in the process of being organized. The most boxes we had in the move were of.. you guessed it.. my scrap stuff (BIG smile)
What a mess..
I hope by the end of the week to have everything up and running. Hope you are all having a good weekend. see you soon. Jen
Blessed are the children of scrapbookers,
for they shall inherit the scrapbooks..
Author Unknown

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Finally... Well, the computer is back up and running.. I hope to have some pictures of my new scrap room in progress.. and I really need to use my paper, scissors, glue, etc... I think I'm having withdrawls :) Hope you are all having a nice week.. see you tomorrow.. Jen
Always do right.. this will gratify some people
and astonish the rest..
Mark Twain

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Autumn.. Well, I did manage to get a card done.. with all scraps !! It's amazing what you can do if you put your mind to it :) Michael's had all of their stamps 40% off so of course I had to go get a couple ( well 5 ). Back to the scrap box... see you tomorrow.. Jen
If "pro" is the opposite of "con"
what is the opposite of "progress"...
Paul Harvey

Saturday, October 24, 2009

October 24, 2009 Hi everyone.. well... this move is taking FOREVER :( the banks are really out of control, they have gone from one extreme to the other.. from giving everyone and their brother a loan to taking FOREVER to approve a loan.. we are putting 75% down and they still gave us a hard time, go figure !! sorry to get on a rant but it is SOOO frustrating.. My scrap room is all packed up but was lost without my computer "Chip" ( yes I named my computer ) I hooked him back up !! I know it's a male cause he's always giving me a lot of grief :) anyway I wanted to share with you a cute little gift I received from my friend Shelley, it had two Basic Grey stamps and a Michaels gift card... Love it !!!
I can't do any scrapping or card making cause everything is in boxes, but all of my new stamps are sitting here looking at me, and my scrap box is still out and I see a black ink pad that didn't get packed and I see a couple of buttons on the floor, I should be able to put something together ...Have a great weekend... Jen
We never really grow up..
We only learn how to act in public..
Bryan White

Friday, October 16, 2009

Little Monster..... My grandson will be 4 in November, or as he says it "Nomember", so I made him a card.. He likes dinosaurs but I had this monster stamp and have been wanting to use it, and he can be a little monster at times :) This will be my last post for a few days.. time to pack up the computer.. enjoy.. Jen
Perfect love sometimes does not come
until the first grandchild..
Welsh Proverb

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Card... I needed a card for a man and all I had was cutesie cards so I made this up real quick... I stamped the background ( already packed up the stamps so I don't remember what company ) the black cut out I did a while ago at my LSS.. I did a few of these cause I love the design.. and the happy birthday is from a "Recollection" stamp set.. and colored it with my copics.. I just ordered some new stamp sets from Just Rite and Paper Trey Ink.. I can't wait to get them and stamp, stamp, stamp... still working on some Christmas presents, will be posting those in a week or so... Hope you're having a good day.. Jen
In two decades I've lost a total of 798 pounds,
I should be hanging from a charm bracelet !!
Erma Bombeck

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pumpkin Kisses... Here are the treat bags I made for the neighborhood kids, well they're not kids anymore but they still love to get the bags ! I had to make them up quick because I kept eating the kisses :) I have known most of the kids since they were babies and now, having lived here 15 years they are all driving now and a couple of them are off to college next year...hard to believe, time really does fly... the saying is: No scary ghosts, nor ugly witches or creepy little bugs, just a little treat with Halloween wishes and lots of kisses and hugs !
The clipart is PC Crafters and font is CK hand & Vestite. I wanted to put some bling and more "stuff" on them but I know they will just be thrown away... Oh Well Annabelle !!! It's chilly here, I even had long pants and tennies on... and I NEVER wear shoes, always sandals :0 but hope this weather keeps up for a long time ( not a chance, it is California ya know ) have a good Wednesday .. I'm off to make some Christmas gifts, see ya later.. Jen
Bittersweet October. The mellow, messy, leaf kicking,
perfect pause between the opposing miseries of
summer and winter..
Carol Bishop Hipps

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Tuesday :) Hope all of you are having a good day.. I got in the mood to make a few cards last night. I had to use stuff I had laying around since I have packed up almost everything (very sad face) I hate to leave my beautiful house but am looking forward to decorating a new one.. and no more stairs.. Woo Hoo!! Anyway here is one of the cards, I think it looks sort of vintagey (is that a word). I think I am going to invest in a light box and lights so I can take better pictures, so all of the bling will show up better :)
I used my new Spellbinders "Fancy Tags" and cut the ends off and found the pearls in my bag of odds and ends... I am working on some Halloween bags for the neighborhood kids so check back for those... enjoy your day... Jen
A Hug is the shortest distance
between two friends...
Author Unknown

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mojo Monday 108.... Love this weather... looks like rain !! I've been packing up the scrap room but decided to take a break and make a card.. I already had this image colored so it was a snap to make.. I know.. more owls, but they are so cute !
Well, I better get back to work ( I rather go do some baking :) this room isn't gonna pack up it's self !!
Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness,
has never danced in the rain...
Author Unknown

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Beautiful :) Isn't this beautiful !! Copics, Spellbinders, Prima, Creative Imaginations, Queen & Co, Melissa Frances ,Karen Foster, Adornit and many others.... this is my haul from the scrapbook convention in Ontario yesterday.. Copics & Spellbinders at a great price.. SO.. needless to say I didn't get anything done... now I need to get busy.. got some Bella stamps from Pat for my birthday "thanks Pat" so I think I will make some cards.... {tomorrow :}
Its a very nice day here in Cali.. so I haven't wanted to stay inside much.. I have really been looking forward to the fall weather and I think it is finally here... Have a great weekend and see you on Monday.... Jen
Delicious Autumn, my very soul is wedded to it, and
if I were a bird I would fly about the earth
seeking the successive Autumn's.
George Eliot

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mojo Monday 107... Got Milk ? Well, I did manage to get the Mojo Monday card done.. My son,daughter-n-law & grandson gave me some stamps and Copic's for my birthday.. this is one of the stamps. It is from "Craft Lounge".. I really like these stamps, I just might have to get a few more of these :) This is much cuter in person.. the background paper is sparkly :)
I'm not sure if I will be posting for a while.. it's time to pack up the scrap room :( But I am looking forward to decorating a new scrap room. I got a new craft table ( 62 X 40 ) at Ikea... holy cow... that place will drive you crazy.. it's so big, I got lost on every turn !! Have a good day and I will see you in about a week.. ( I hope ) Jen
Never do anything that you wouldn't
want to explain to the paramedics !!!
Author Unknown

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Yikes!! This is so funny.. Joseph found his cousin Alyssa's makeup and told me " I need to put on makeup cause I'm getting married ! :) I have no idea where the heck he got that .. He really got into it, he tried to put on the eye shadow but you can see where it ended up !! I'm hoping to get a couple of cards done and another page, but this darn packing is getting in the way of my scrappin'... Enjoy your day .. Jen
We learn many things from our children..
how much patience you have, for instance..
Franklin P. Jones

Friday, October 2, 2009

39 and Holding :) Had a great day yesterday.. it was my birthday and my friend Cheryl and I went to Disneyland.. the weather was great, only hot for a while. The longest wait was about 15 minutes for Space Mountain.. I wore my "Happy Birthday" pin all day and every cast member (employee) said happy birthday to me.. made me feel like I was really special ! I thot I was the only one born on October 1st. but I was mistaken :) there were a lot of us !!! The best part was I got in free ... Woo Hoo...

Have a good weekend.. Jen

" A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes "


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New House.... Well, it looks like this is it... the offer has been excepted and escrow should close in about 10 days.. FINALLY !!! never thought it would happen ! The bank never decided on a price for the other house I posted so we had to give up on it ... but this house is beautiful. New carpet and paint, granite in the kitchen and baths.. I can't wait to get in and start decorating (huge smile) the other house needed lots of work, and I wasn't really into spending more money to fix it up... The grass needs a little water, but I think it will come back just fine.... This house also has a pool, it wasn't something we were looking for ... comes with the house ! I hope I can do some cards this weekend... but I will probably be doing MORE packing. (does it ever end ) It is cooler here today, only 85, so that is a big relief, won't have to have the air on all the time ... going to Disneyland Thursday for my birthday with the girls, that should be a real hoot !! Hope you all enjoy your week.. Jen
I have never trusted polls since I read that 62%
of women had affairs on their lunch hour...
I have never met a woman
in my life who would
give up lunch for sex !
Erma Bombeck

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hi Ya All !!! That is my Okla/Tenn background coming out I guess ... I think fall might be here soon & I can't wait, I'm tired of this hot weather and so humid (yuck) that's not normal for Cali. ! Anyway, I thought I would share this Halloween paper bag book I made.. I used a lot of scraps from the past years and a felt pumpkin I have had in my stash for quite a while. I added tags to almost every page.. gotta love the tags ...
Some die cuts...stickers... buttons...rub ons...
These large tags go in the open end of the bags.. I used 3 lunch bags folded in half, made holes with my drill punch and added lots of ribbon, (you can never have enough ribbon).
We have put in offers on 2 houses and still don't have any word yet.. I am trying not to stress to much, and I have applied for 3 design teams.. so keep your fingers crossed that both will happen soon.. Enjoy your weekend... Jen
Be the kind of woman, that when your feet
hit the floor each morning the devil say's.
Oh, crap, she's up !!!
Author Unknown

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Thursday.... I'm better today, not so stressed :) made a "Happy Thanksgiving" card, not my favorite but it's ok.. going to sign MORE house papers today... Have a great day and see you tomorrow... Jen
Most folks are about as happy
as they make up thier minds to be ....
Abraham Lincoln

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

STRESSED ........ I feel like I'm being pulled in a hundred different directions ! (big sigh) All of this house stuff is driving me crazy, (and I don't have far to go !) Our house closed escrow yesterday and we still don't have anything finalized with our new house.. I feel like I have no place to live, luckily the buyer of our house is very nice and is letting us rent it back til Nov. 7.. whew... that helps a lot !! Still packing and trying to sell furniture that won't fit in new house... Hopefully I will be able to jump (well, step into the pool cause I don't know how to swim) into this beautiful pool and relax soon. (BIG smile:) I sure hope your day is going better than mine.. I think I will go make a card now and try to calm down... Jen
Stress is nothing more than a
socially acceptable form of mental illness !!
Richard Carlson

Monday, September 14, 2009

Mojo Monday 104.... Happy Monday... I've been finding a lot of stuff I forgot I had.. and some of my two son's baby things. They are 30 and 29 now and both fathers ( and it all happened in the blink of an eye ) I found Michael's "Curious George" and Jason's "Glow Worm" .. those were the thing's they had to have every night to get to sleep. I really miss those day's and those cute little boys ! Well, the packing is getting done, slowly, but it's getting done. I guess I will just be making cards for a while till we get moved, then back to the pages and all of the book's and other fun things.. Here is my take on the Mojo Monday card.....
I "love" the Debbie Mumm paper.. it just makes me smile :) Enjoy the rest of your day...Jen
Thanks to my mother, not a single cardboard box has
found it's way back into society.. We receive gift's in
boxes from stores that went out of
business twenty years ago...
Erma Bombeck
(and my mother Esther Johnson)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cross Your Fingers !!! Hopefully this will be our new house... The offer is in and as soon as the bank decides a price we will go from there. It's 2700 sq. ft. and SINGLE story... woohoo !!! I am so tired of stairs :) It also has a great scrap room, there is room for everything ( but knowing me, that won't last long ) four more bedrooms and a pool, we really didn't want one but it comes with the house !! I love the entry way, it has a little courtyard where I would love to put a fountain.. That's all for now, hope you're having a great weekend... Jen
Home is where you can say anything you want,
cause no one listens to you anyway ...
Author Unknown

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Halloween.... Well.. I'm supposed to be packing.. but as you can see I made some cards instead (big smile) I don't think I could get through a day without stamping or making a card or page... I started an assembly line and it went very quick that way.. but I did have to make a quick trip to Wal-mart to get some black ribbon :).. I was out of Kraft card stock so I used brown paper bags.. I think they look very cute....
I glued all of the openings shut... but you could leave one end open and add a tag.. or candy.. yes I think candy would be good (hehe).....
I am finished with my Halloween cards so I think I will start on some Thanksgiving cards..... maybe tomorrow.. I'm off to do some more packing...Enjoy your day .... Jen
Nothing on Earth is so beautiful, as the final haul on Halloween night....
Steve Almond

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mojo Monday 103.. I really should be packing right now... but I don't want to :) I have every room started but not one is finished.. started on the kitchen Saturday and I guess I twisted wrong and pulled something in my back... I'm getting too old for this stuff !! It's much better today !! I came upstairs to my scrap room to start packing up, but instead made a Mojo Monday card.. So.. here it is.. Couldn't decide which picture to put in so I just put both of them.. It's such a beautiful day today I took one of the pictures out in the backyard... that is one thing I am really going to miss is my beautiful yard.. I love to sit out there with the kids (dogs) and read a magazine or just enjoy all of the nature, birds, butterflies an occasional squirrel.....
Hope it's a nice day where you are.. take time to enjoy it... Jen
There can be no other occupation like gardening in which,
If you were to creep up behind someone at their work,
you would find them smiling...
Mirabel Osler

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Brittany Nichole.... This is my neice Brittany... she was such a beautiful girl inside and out.. and her son Carter, who was her whole life.. she loved to dance, be with her friends and family and enjoy life... We will miss you Brittany...
The angels are alway near to those who are greiving,
to whisper that their loved ones
are safe in the hand of God...
Elaine Elias Freeman

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mojo 102... I know.. I said I wouldn't be here for a few days, but I got in the mood to make a Mojo Monday card, trying to keep my mind busy and not be too sad. I was thinking of Brittany and when she was 8 months pregnant with Carter.. she was putting on a really cute little sweater and she looked at me and said " This fit me last week ! " and then gave that big grin she always had.. I will never forget that smile... I stamped the background paper with a bat stamp and stamped the owl on a scrap... and another paper "book" flower...