Saturday, October 24, 2009

October 24, 2009 Hi everyone.. well... this move is taking FOREVER :( the banks are really out of control, they have gone from one extreme to the other.. from giving everyone and their brother a loan to taking FOREVER to approve a loan.. we are putting 75% down and they still gave us a hard time, go figure !! sorry to get on a rant but it is SOOO frustrating.. My scrap room is all packed up but was lost without my computer "Chip" ( yes I named my computer ) I hooked him back up !! I know it's a male cause he's always giving me a lot of grief :) anyway I wanted to share with you a cute little gift I received from my friend Shelley, it had two Basic Grey stamps and a Michaels gift card... Love it !!!
I can't do any scrapping or card making cause everything is in boxes, but all of my new stamps are sitting here looking at me, and my scrap box is still out and I see a black ink pad that didn't get packed and I see a couple of buttons on the floor, I should be able to put something together ...Have a great weekend... Jen
We never really grow up..
We only learn how to act in public..
Bryan White

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