Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pumpkin Kisses... Here are the treat bags I made for the neighborhood kids, well they're not kids anymore but they still love to get the bags ! I had to make them up quick because I kept eating the kisses :) I have known most of the kids since they were babies and now, having lived here 15 years they are all driving now and a couple of them are off to college next year...hard to believe, time really does fly... the saying is: No scary ghosts, nor ugly witches or creepy little bugs, just a little treat with Halloween wishes and lots of kisses and hugs !
The clipart is PC Crafters and font is CK hand & Vestite. I wanted to put some bling and more "stuff" on them but I know they will just be thrown away... Oh Well Annabelle !!! It's chilly here, I even had long pants and tennies on... and I NEVER wear shoes, always sandals :0 but hope this weather keeps up for a long time ( not a chance, it is California ya know ) have a good Wednesday .. I'm off to make some Christmas gifts, see ya later.. Jen
Bittersweet October. The mellow, messy, leaf kicking,
perfect pause between the opposing miseries of
summer and winter..
Carol Bishop Hipps

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pat said...

Jen these are super cute!!!
I hope you made enough for your Chicas!! :).